Window looking our on a path

Pay Pal: When you click on the photo of the veggie market below, a PayPal "Donation" page will appear for "" - that's me.


Follow the usual payment process, transfering from your own PayPal account or charging the amount to your Credit or Debit Card.



To pay with Venmo, log into your Venmo account and send your payment to my husband, "John-ShealyPhD." If you are asked, the last four digits of his phone number are 2996. 


Or, log into your Venmo account on your cellphone and scan this code:


Venmo Scan Code

Our Venmo account is private; nobody will see that you sent me money unless they see it on your end. If you'd like to make your account private, go to "settings," click "privacy" and check "private."

Drop me a note if you have any questions.


Thank you.