woman by tree

Forest Bathing


"Nature is not a place or a thing. It is a mosaic, a network, a matrix in which is embedded not only the world's biodiversity, but also the day-to-day quality of our lives." 

– Chris Leahy, Massachusetts Audubon Society


Losing touch with joy and wonder? Or simply seeking to unplug and connect? Even two hours of being mindful in nature can lower stress levels, improve concentration, memory and mood, and boost immune function.  


Forest Bathing comes from the Japanese "Shinrin-Yoku," meaning bathing in the forest atmosphere. Bird song and rustling leaves, dappled sunlight, the scent of cedar and hummus, when fully experienced, bring a sense ease. Please join me we remember our intimate, intuitive connection with this healing and vibrant Earth.


In Forest Bathing an array of short experiential practices are offered that invite us to consciously use our senses - touch, sight, smell, hearing and others - to more fully connect with the animals, plants, soil . . . . of the forest. No prior experience in the outdoors is required. We'll gather for two hours and generally walk a short distance of no more than a mile while maintaining six feet of distance from one another. Accommodations will gladly be made. Please join us.


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